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Friday, June 4, 2010

Fish Tacos

I made fish tacos for Anthony today. Last weekend, we went to a local place at the beach for fish tacos. Although they were tasty, they were not West Coast Baja Style good. For one thing, I'm not sure why they used blackening seasoning on the fish. My favorite place to eat fish tacos is in Mexico. I mean, what is better than sitting at the edge of the pool and having a plate of fresh fish tacos served to you. Oh, heaven! Anyway, I occasionally make them at home but change the way I make them every time. I'm going to try and give you the basics so you can make them at home yourself. Here are the main staples---white fish, corn tortillas, cabbage, lime and a white sauce. Any variation from these basics misses the spot according to my book. Anyway, here's my recipe:

Grilled Fish Tacos
1 white fish fillet per person (I've used tillapia, cod, and even mahi mahi)
Lime juice or fresh limes
Salt & pepper to taste

Corn Tortillas

Shredded Cabbage
Diced Tomatoes
Cheese (optional)
Salsa (your choice)
White sauce

White sauce ingredients:
sour cream
tarter sauce
lime juice

Heat up grill or grill pan. Mix oil, lime juice, salt and pepper together in small bowl. Brush the fish fillets with the oil mixture. (You can even use taco seasoning, jerk seasoning or whatever spice you like). Cook fillets until opaque. This will take 2-5 minutes each side, maybe a few minutes longer if the fillets are thick. Cut the fish in pieces (2" x 4" or 5"). I usually cut the fillet in half and half again.

While the grill is heating and the fish is cooking, mix one part sour cream, one part tarter sauce and lime juice to taste. For the tortillas, heat up a pan with a couple tablespoons oil and heat the tortilla 'til slightly crispy on each side.

To assemble each taco, slather guacamole on a tortilla (if using) then add cabbage. Top with a piece of fish, a few tomato slices and a large spoonful the white sauce and a squirt of lime. Serve with your best salsa, lime wedges and cilantro.

Here's a few good salsa recipes:
Mango Salsa
Restaurant Salsa

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